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Our Commitment

Commencing operations in Taiwan in 1994, TransGlobe Life (TGL) has been dedicated to developing the Taiwan market for 20 years. Best known for its professional agency force and top-notch customer service, TGL has yielded brilliant results and established its signature, high-caliber, professional TGL agency force, as well as being one of the first to create successful multiple distribution channels in the Taiwan life insurance industry. Moreover, the Company has devoted relentless efforts to developing and introducing innovative, diversified products, with a view to providing customers with comprehensive insurance, retirement planning, and consulting services. At TGL, “Our mission is to improve and extend your LIFE” and help customers realize their life and retirement dreams, aspiring to become a distinguished role model in the industry.

Committed Locally, Thinking Globally

TransGlobe Life’s (TGL) history started in 1994 as a branch of the AEGON Group, which boasts over a hundred years of life insurance experience and provides professional life insurance services and products to local customers in Taiwan. During the period 1998 to 2001, the Company successively merged the business of AFLAC, Transamerica and AXA and took over all their inforce policies and operations in Taiwan. In March 2013, the Company acquired all in-force business of Kuo Hua Life,demonstrating a high level of commitment to life insurance. In 2014 TGL celebrated its 20th anniversary in Taiwan. As part of its ongoing effort to provide better policyholder services, TGL teamed up with IBM to develop innovative life insurance systems, to invest in systems transformations and to improve the company’s overall performance. In 2017, TGL launched a brand-new corporate identity with a new logo which consists of letters “t” and “G” revolving around each other in a satellite-inspired image. The unique 37° angle of the Chinese font is a representation of the human body temperature at 37°, symbolizing TGL's mission to provide warm, comforting care and protection for all policyholders. Our new slogan, "Responsible, Thanks to Love", conveys the essence of our core brand value. Our branding strategy is to integrate the key elements, “finance,” “technology,” “service,” and “innovation”, to work towards what we call "Future Branding". By applying financial technology and artificial intelligence, we aim to offer policyholders efficient, speedy and exceptional quality services, to innovate customer experience and to become the leading brand in the financial services industry.